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Android DeveloperВакансия в Алматы"Бамбу Групп", ООО

AndroidEnglish B1-B2Remote
Описание вакансии
Bamboo Apps is a modern outsourcing company with a hybrid delivery model (we use both our own and external resources), a focus on design and processes. We’ve been successfully working with Jaguar Land Rover for 4 years, developing their connected car solution InControl. Our team has previously designed and developed applications for A1, Skoda, Rinspeed, Mitsubishi, and others. We are part of Bamboo Group (bamboogroup.eu), one of the leading IT companies in Estonia.

Bamboo Apps is expanding its Android team dedicated to an international project for an English car manufacturer – an app for car remote control and system management (door and seat control; remote engine start; GPS tracking; security system and carjacking prevention, etc.). Currently, we’re actively working on new services for electric and hybrid cars (the current road map has been developed and agreed upon until 2021). Dev team members are supposed to travel to the UK on a regular basis to the client’s R&D center for joining the local team, participating in workshops and meetings.

  • Experience in building an application architecture;
  • Knowledge of RxJava and understanding of its principles of work;
  • Understanding of SOLID principles;
  • Experience with writing Unit tests;
  • Kotlin experience will be a plus;
  • English level: from Intermediate.
What we offer:
  • Remote work opportunity;
  • The opportunity to participate in internal automotive R&D projects;
  • Actively developed culture code;
  • A comfortable office in a green area;
  • Free car and bicycle parking;
  • Table tennis and gym, shower right in the office;
  • Kitchen.
We offer a remote format or relocation in our office in Estonia.
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