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HR Administration AdvisorВакансия в АстанеBolashak Atyrau, ТОО

Описание вакансии
Accountabilities and Responsibilities:
  • Administration activities of local, expatriate and contractors employees:
  • Ensure all employees terms & conditions provision as per the Contracts, Company policies & procedures
  • Provide advises to the Managers and employees on the application of Company relevant policies and procedures
  • Issue & update HR Administration & benefits related policies & procedures
  • In charge of HR Administration team activities
  • Arrange the check of all employment documentation / movements / secondment / termination documentation (Notification letters; Supplementary agreements, Orders, call-offs, exit forms, other upon requirement);
  • Conduct proper induction for new comers, including timely arrangement of work station, email account and badge;
  • Organize and implement Company benefits;
  • Ensure the timely collection of timesheets and leave requests;
  • Administer mortgage scheme;
  • Provide employment letters and other type of confirmation letters;
  • Ensure the personal files are kept updated.
  • Ensure that all relevant documentation is submitted to payroll team.
  • Administration of Secondment of local employees
  • Arrange collection & provision of full package of documents required for WP of local employees at the country of assignment;
  • Administer of the employees during their assignment abroad, in terms of apartments, KZ payroll, etc.
  • Contract administration
  • Administer relevant contracts for HR Admin services, ensure timely raise of requisitions, extensions, ACV revision, prepare docs for new tenders;
  • Check the invoices, calls-offs, Acts of Acceptance, ensuring the availability of backups.
  • HR-e administration
  • Effect the timely and proper upload of the system with employee’s data for employment/ termination/ movements activity, documents, status change, etc.
  • Provide monthly certification to HR&O Manager that system is fully updated with relevant information
  • Work Permit and Visa
  • Coordinate on work permit process for expatriate staff including control of all related set of documents to be submitted to the Local Labour Department and Ministry of Labour.
  • Coordinate Visa support assistance for expatriate and local personnel: extension of work visa, entrance/exit business visas and reduction of work visas and police registrations of foreign citizens with immigration department;
  • Compliance
  • Ensure full compliance with KZ legislation, Company policies and procedures, Corporate regulation;
  • To interface with local and government authorities, actively participate in joint meetings between FIC and Ministries
  • Cooperate for internal and external audits.
  • Reporting
  • Monthly, Quarterly, annual reporting to HQ and Authorities upon requirement
  • To ensure that all activities implying and mentioned above should be done in compliance with corporate standards, Company procedures and compliance MSGs.
  • University degree, preferably Higher degree in Law or International Law At least 5 years of experience on a similar role in international Company
  • Good interpersonal & communication skills
  • Knowledge of labour legislation
  • Accuracy
  • Team player
  • Capability to work with PC, MS office programs
  • Good verbal and written English
  • English spoken
  • Astana 5/2
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