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Менеджер по коммуникациямВакансия в ТекелиУниверситет Центральной Азии

Описание вакансии
Communications Manager
Department: Graduate School of Development (GSD)
Reports to: Dean of GSD Duty Station: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Deadline: March 26, 2021
Summary of Position and Key Responsibilities
The University of Central Asia seeks to fill a full-time position of Communications Manager at the Graduate School of School of Development. GSD is the home for multidisciplinary research on Central Asia’s social, economic and cultural development, and is comprised of five entities, each of which has achieved a significant presence in the Central Asian knowledge landscape. With over 150 easily accessible publications on its website, GSD is a singular storehouse of information.
Main Duties and Responsibilities
· Develop, write and distribute communications materials reporting on GSD research projects, publications and programmes.
· Work with a broad range of media (tradition, social and new media) to place GSD content.
· Document key GSD projects through photo and video for broader communication.
· Work closely with the Department of Advancement and Public Affairs to coordinate timing of publicity and content to UCA’s internal and external stakeholders.
· Any other assignments given by the Dean of GSD.
Required Qualifications and Experience
· Bachelor’s degree (Masters preferred) in communication, journalism, public relations, or related field or equivalent education and experience. 
· Excellent written and verbal skills.
· Experience in working with traditional, social and new media.
· Ability to translate research information into engaging and motivating communications materials.
· Knowledge of media trends and analytics.
· Advanced proficiency in spoken and written English and Russian.
· Knowledge of other Central Asian languages (Kyrgyz, Tajik, Kazakh) would be a bonus.
Candidates from the founding countries of UCA: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan are encouraged to apply for the position.
How to Apply:
Please send a cover letter, CV and contact information of three references to hr.recruitment@ucentralasia.org by March 20, 2021. Applications will be reviewed when received. Early applications are strongly encouraged. As your application e-mail subject, please write: “Research Communications Manager”.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Review other job vacancies at: http://www.ucentralasia.org/About/CurrentVacancies
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