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PowerLeveler (MMO Games)55 000 — 85 000 тгВакансия в АлматыItemForge, ИП

Владение компьютеромАнглийский языкКонтент-менеджмент
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ItemForge MMO Shop is looking for levelers. I will explain and provide everything you need to get started (guide, info, accounts) but it is up to you to learn basics (game mechanics). Right now jobs will involve Diablo 3 and WoW but this list will grow over time. The more games you learn, the more jobs you will be eligible to get so I suggest learning minimum these two. You should know at least one of them quite well already, otherwise you will need to learn it, which is unpaid during the first 6 months of cooperation. Longterm you are expected to improve your skills and knowledge in your free time (staying up to date with patches), but we will pay for your training when a new game is added to the shop. If you prove to be efficient and reliable, it will become a full time job.
Duration: It is a LONG-TERM project. (Note: Don't bother if expect to work 1 day/1 week/1 month) It is a 5+ days a week job Requirements: Long term (this job is for years - the game may change, but the players remain the same! Responsible & reliable Ability to read (games change all the time, you need to stay up to date) STABLE internet + PC able to handle the newest MMO games Offer below is for basic services (require only minimal game knowledge and average skills). If you are a very skilled gamer and can supply premium (top rating) boosts without my help (know-how and accounts) then please send me a list + price of services you can provide (any game, not just Diablo/WoW).
Important note: If you have an impressive 3rd party programs experience (e.g. Multiboxer) and stay online a lot, then a promotion to Diablo 3 BOOSTER is possible (pay is doubled)
Looking for:
POWER LEVELER ($1-1.5 / hour - about $250 a month) who can stream for menial jobs like leveling or grinding but also skilled quick jobs (typically x hours). You need a conversational English, above average skills/knowledge and should be online almost every day. You can outsource this job to your non-English speaking friends and earn on being a middle man but you still need a manager who will train them and coordinate the jobs. We also cooperate with teams (e.g. in gaming centers) who can provide many players and/or 24/7 leveling on the same PC (streaming isn't required if gamers are supervised).
Power Leveling is all about manually playing online games on customer's account and achieving specific goals within set deadline. Playing manually means 100% by hand, you are not allowed (without my explicit case by case permission) to use or install anything beside the official game client. VPN Tunnel will be provided for you, you can't power level without it.
Although many jobs allow you to have a flexible schedule (WoW), high availability is desired because sometimes you will have to be able to play during scheduled events like in the party (D3), during specific fixed daily schedule.
Only minimal game mechanics knowledge is required to start receiving jobs (100-200h /played). All jobs require you to be online but amount of attention needed varies from job to job, some only require you to play 10% of the time (leecher), others 100% (grind). Rate is calculated for average skill level (not a clicker or a keyboard turner). If you are very efficient and creative, you can complete some (but not all) of the jobs a few times faster or do 2-3 jobs at the same time. This means double or even triple hourly rate but it is very random so you need to be ok with the basic rate, even during jobs that take weeks to complete. Other than that, there is no advancement opportunity, your base rate will never increase (though you may still advance to a Booster).
You are expected to play 8h a day, almost every day after you take the job (until you complete it). You will be paid a fixed price for average delivery time (deadlines are very fair), whenever you complete it in 50% or 150% of the time, you will still be paid the same amount (this way efficiency is encouraged).
Need all of the following information in your offer (failing to provide a clear answer to any of them will most likely cause your application to be auto-declined):
  • Which position are you applying for, why that one? What kind of tasks do you think you will do?
  • Daily/Weekly availability
  • Preferred long-term hourly price (don't waste time asking for more than is offered)
  • PC/Internet specifications (can you stream?)
  • MMO accomplishments and/or gaming experience (only list impressive things that take thousands of hours)
  • Experience in online gaming services industry
  • English level
  • Cover letter (sell yourself).
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